Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Every day you try to do something better than you did the day before.

I'm a sucker for The Biggest Loser and while watching tonight one of the contests made the above statement. It's admittedly pretty simplistic but I sat in front of the tv slack-jawed and stunned as I pictured what my life would really look like if I strove for that each day.

Imagine how good my marriage would be if I made it a point to be better at it today than I was at it yesterday.

What could I achieve at work if I consciously thought about performing my work better tomorrow than I did today?

Imagine what kind of shape I could be in if each day at the gym I pushed myself just a little bit further than I did the day before.

Ponder the depths I could reach in my relationship with God if I purposefully took one aspect of it and bettered it each and every day of my life.

What kind of mother could I be if I practiced being just a little more patient tomorrow than I was today?

Maybe this is a "duh" concept for some of you, but the possibilites astound me. I think this is a bandwagon I want to jump on. How bout you guys? Anyone want to commit to being better tomorrow than you were today?

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