Monday, March 29, 2010

A Weekend of Good Exercise, Poor Eating

Saturday was workout day again and I was excited to be getting back to the gym, but a change or two in plans forced me to alter my routine slightly. I’m proud to say that I didn’t allow that to compromise the work I got in though. Here’s a rundown.

Sunrise Saturday A.M. – Turkey hunt/photography. Estimating Everette and I hiked a mile or so over uneven ground. Some climbing. Some wading through creek beds. My favorite kind of exercise is this kind that you get while doing other things you enjoy! What a great time!

Saturday noon – Got to the YMCA late and realized that daycare was closing in half an hour. Had to speed through my weight training routine but fit it all in and got good quality reps. Exercises follow:

Dumbell Sumo Squat 3 sets 12
Dumbell Alternating Chest Press 3 sets 12/side
Lying Leg Curl 3 sets 12
Seated cable row 3 sets 12
Reverse fly 3 sets 12
Standing dumbell hammer curl 3 sets 12/side
Superman 6 sets 10 seconds each time

Ab Work -
Reverse crunches - 16 reps
Crossover crunches - 16 reps
Flat footed crunches - 16 reps

Did not have time to do my cardio workout before daycare closed so the kids and I spent the next hour swimming. I didn’t do much other than standing and catching Mia as she jumped off the side, but burned a few calories I’m sure.

After running a few errands I did my running at home on the road. I’m learning that the road is a whole different ballgame than the treadmill. (1) It takes more effort to propel yourself forward on flat ground than it does to simply keep yourself on a treadmill as it moves underneath you. (2) It’s much more difficult for me to determine a good pace when running on the road. Despite those things I had a good run. I didn’t follow my Couch to 5k routine because I didn’t have exact distances measured on the road and I’m doing the program by distance rather than time. Instead I started the run with a 1 mile jog. Then turned around and walked/jogged home that same mile. I estimate I jogged appx half of the mile back. Regardless, I’m confident that I put in equal work to the C25K routine, if not more.

I’m not even going to go into all the things I ate this weekend that I should not have. I’m depressed enough about it already. Needless to say, I have reached a point where I have been eating well long enough that I really notice a difference when I eat poorly. The results aren’t good physically and I beat myself up for it mentally because I hate to think that I wasted effort exercising only to negate it by eating fried food and calorie laden cinnamon rolls.

I ‘m sure that won’t be the last time that I make poor choices with food, but I hope next time I remember the feeling of frustration that comes after it and can use that to boost my willpower.

Today for lunch…tuna fish. 

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