Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did I really just see what I just saw?

Hello all. Rockstar here.
As I drove around today I saw something that was both amusing and strange all at the same time. Let me start by saying I think I am pretty "hip" to what the new fad, etc, is in today's world. (As I wrote that last line I felt like Dr. Evil from Austin Powers; "I'm hip. I'm with it. Tucka tucka tucka" as he is doing the Macarena.) Today I realized, however, that I am, in fact, out of touch with what is cool.
I try to give my kids everything that they could possibly want or need. I think they have nice clothing, fun toys, and just pretty great stuff. As It turns out though they are completely deprived because they don't have a Cadillac Escalade to ride around in with their posse. As I was driving through this subdivision I saw a line of FOUR Cadillac Escalade Big Wheels rolling down the street. Lots of people say something made them "laugh out loud" and they just mean that they thought it was funny. I literally laughed out loud and just could not believe what I was seeing.
I had to call my good friend Hedge who has his Master's Degree in Southern Studies and tell him of this new cultural phenomenon. He proceeded to tell me that it was just another way for the white man to atone for the sins of the past by presenting each of these youngsters with a status symbol that they could be proud of.
I know this was completely random but I felt like I had to share it. Now, back to armadillo hunting...

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  1. Your poor, deprived children. You realize they're going to grow up with a complex now and need years of extensive therapy because their daddy didn't get them a sweet ride.