Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to Taska

Rockstar and I welcome you to our little piece of the blogosphere. We’ve both recently found ourselves with the urge to write and have decided that a shared blog might be just the way to scratch that itch. Through this blog we hope to share with you the trials, tribulations, and hilarious moments that we encounter in our daily lives. We live in a simple rural community (read: the middle of nowhere) with our two children and two dogs, surrounded by lots of family, and we have a wonderfully abundant life. We hope you will stop by and share our adventures with us.

I should warn you, however, of some things that you won’t find here. This won’t be the blog of the perfect mother whose perfectly behaved children are speaking full sentences immediately upon birth and reciting the Gettysburg Address by three. You know…the ones with the perfect marriage to boot. Yep, I get kind of nauseas just thinking about those kinds of blogs. It also won’t be the blog of the homemaker who has every nook and cranny organized and has her handy dandy notebook filled with her daily cleaning routines. I work full time and so does Rockstar so we do good just to make sure we’re all fed, have clean laundry, and that the dog hair is at least swept into a pile in the corner of the room.

What this blog will be, hopefully, is a place of honesty. Honest joy as we celebrate great times together and honest sorrow as we struggle through more difficult times. Rockstar and I have received the blessing of a new perspective over the past year. We have learned, and are still learning, that each and every moment is precious, that love conquers all, that family is indispensable, and that good friends are incredible treasures. This new perspective hasn’t come without pain, but the blessing that has come from it has been immense. We hope to share with you our “new” life that has come with that blessing. If it sounds like something you might like, stick around and we’ll do our best not to disappoint.


  1. Consider me glued to the wall!

  2. Glad you're back. And glad my favorite Rockstar is back too. I soooo look forward to reading all you guys have to say.

    (You have TWO dogs now?! How did I miss that?)

  3. Pace, we have a gargantuan golden retriever named Fenway (appropriate, I know) and a teeny tiny little rat terrier named Tango. I'll have to share pictures of them soon.

  4. Okay, I thought Fenway belonged to your parents. And yes, the name doesn't surprise me AT ALL.

  5. What? You don't have a dog named Turner, Pace?

  6. Oh gosh no. I've been on Turner overload for 7 years now. We thought about naming our dog Chipper, but when we got a girl dog we decided it just wouldn't work.

  7. SO happy you all are here and thrilled that it won't be one of "those" blogs! I'm definitely adding you all to my regular morning rotation.

  8. hi cat and luke and mia!!!!!love the pictures
    and the blog!!!!my grandchildren are beautiful!!
    katie use to cut all the hair off her barbies
    and chris would fight them with his teenage
    mutant ninjas!!oh well--kids are kids!!!!take
    care--love dom and mom (using katie's account)