Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Learned on Vacation

The fam just got back from a few days in St Louis. Here are just a few of the things I learned while there:

- The arch is WAY high.
- Clydesdales are WAY big.
- 6 and 3 year olds really aren't old enough to enjoy much about baseball games except the $5 Cokes and the $7.50 hot dogs.
- Grandparents who take aforementioned children back to the hotel so we can see the last few innings are awesome.
- Wives who let their husbands go back the next night to see a second game while they keep the kids are even more awesome. ;-)
- The Mr. Freeze ride rocks my socks off.
- Lightning puts a quick end to roller coasters and water parks.
- Tired and hungry 3 year olds who have to go potty sure can do some screaming from the back seat of a car.
- Having a 6 year old who gags and vomits at the smell of any food that he doesn't like is difficult to manage when you have a party of 10 at each meal.
- Explaining to a 6 year old why it's smarter to wait and buy two $6 toys from Target rather than buying one $12 version of the exact same item at the souvenir shop is not an easy task. He just keeps trying to explain that he doesn't want TWO. He just wants ONE and he wants it NOW!
- My kids make me tired.
- Sometimes I think I'm ready for them to be older so they won't make me so tired. Then I look at those sweet faces and hear them giggle as they smother me with kisses and I realize that I never want this time to end.

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