Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Empowered. Yes, that about sums it up. That’s how I feel lately…like I can tackle the task I have set before myself. I’ve overcome the self doubt. I can do it!

My running is going splendidly much to my own amazement, honestly. I have been working my way through the Couch to 5k program for a few weeks now saying that it was my goal to be able to run a 5k. All the while, however, there has been a lurking thought in the back of my mind that I would eventually reach a point where I just couldn’t do it. I have never been able to run distance. I just don’t have the stamina. Even when I was younger and playing so many sports it would make your head spin, I just never had endurance. Lo and behold, at the ripe old age of (almost) 31, I have discovered that I can do it.

Now, don’t go getting any grand ideas. It’s not like I’m stepping out the door and jogging 5 or 6 miles a day. Not yet. Hopefully someday. I am, however, able to get out on the trail now and run 2 miles without feeling like I am going to kick the bucket any second. That is a big accomplishment for me. This will sound puny, especially coming from an athlete, but I don’t believe I had ever before run 2 miles straight. Hundreds of wind sprints and back man sprints and many, many quarter miles, 800 meter runs, and even numerous mile runs in my lifetime, but never 2 miles to my knowledge. Now I can and it feels fantastic!

Thursday of last week was C25k Week 5 day 2. It required me to run 3/4 of a mile, walk ½ of a mile, and then run another ¾ mile. Tired of being on a treadmill, I went to the city park track. The extra cushion on my worn out knees and hips was great, but going in circles for 8 laps was BORING to say the least. I survived despite the mind-numbing monotony.

Saturday was C25k Week 5 day 3. The big test- the part that I doubted I could do. Two mile run. No breaks. That day I chose a local fitness trail rather than the track and what a difference it made! Being able to run and see new sites instead of going in circles or staring at a tv like I do on the treadmill was awesome! That negativity that typically creeps into my head when I start running that keeps repeating how boring this is, how tired I am, how I want to quit was not there at all! Of course, it is no miracle cure. I was still tired at the end of 2 miles, but the difference was remarkable and I’ll definitely be choosing that environment from now on if I possibly have the option.

I wore a pedometer/stop watch on my run on Saturday. It registered that I took 4,269 steps. That means I covered just shy of 2.5 feet per stride. My long legs can do much better than that and that will surely improve my time, but that day was about taking it easy and proving that I could do it. I did.


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  1. Running outside is the BEST. It makes such a big difference in how you feel about running. I've tried the treadmill and the track many a time, but nothing has gotten me going like just getting outside and going.